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Little Property Taxes; Mighty Influence

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Tuesday, 27 January 2015 by David H. LeVan

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How many of you have had your picture taken by a camera at a red light? Don’t worry, it’s a rhetorical question. How many of you enjoyed the experience? Another rhetorical question. Sure, you were probably speeding through a red light or turning without stopping first (at least that’s what I hear) but still, it’s kind of annoying to be controlled by those little cameras. Little cameras; mighty influence.

red light camera

Well, you might find it interesting that one of the major providers of those cameras recently had a similar experience. No, they weren’t caught by one of their own cameras…. But that would be kind of funny. According to WJHL in Johnson City, TN, Redflex Traffic Systems, the company that owns cameras throughout Johnson City, was caught making a property tax mistake. They never paid their 2012 property taxes. Apparently the notices never made it to the right address. Even though the property taxes were relatively small, collection of delinquent property taxes gets one in trouble with the law. Little property taxes; mighty influence.

2015 PropTax Calendar

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Thursday, 15 January 2015 by David H. LeVan

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Can you believe it’s a new year! A new year means new, exciting things to add to our calendars. Perhaps some major life events to get on the calendar in 2015 – weddings, graduations, vacations, celebrations, birthdays (I guess we have one of those every year). Perhaps a lot of little things to get on the calendar in 2015 as well.

What about all the dates related to property taxes? Assessment dates; return due dates: appeal dates? You probably need them too, if you’re working in the property tax industry. Advantax can make that part easier for you with our 2015 PropTax Calendar.

As with prior year’s PropTax Calendars, the 2015 PropTax Calendar clearly lays out deadlines and other important property tax information. Check out the 2015 PropTax Calendar in the PropTax Center. If you’d like a copy to hang on the wall, please contact us or download it from our website.

The PropTax Calendar can help you relax when it comes to property tax deadlines and lets you focus on celebrating what matters most.

Should Detroit Abolish Property Taxes?

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Thursday, 08 January 2015 by David H. LeVan

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No city in America has seen the population decline and abandonment of properties that Detroit has seen in the past few decades. With a population of 1.85 million in the 1950s, Detroit now has a population of less than 700,000. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, Detroit has an unemployment rate of 23%. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, it ranks first among 71 U.S. cities for the largest population living below the poverty level. 36.4% of the people living there are living below the poverty level. Detroit has over 70,000 abandoned buildings and over 30,000 empty houses. Detroit also rates highest in almost every crime statistic, including having 10 times the murder rate of New York City.

Wayne County, the county in which Detroit is located, is moving forward with foreclosure on 60,000 properties, mostly residential. 37,000 of these properties are reportedly occupied. Wayne County, like most counties in the U.S., has the ability to foreclose on properties that are delinquent in property tax payments. This is not uncommon. What is uncommon is the number of people who cannot afford to pay their property taxes and therefore, the number of foreclosures occurring in Detroit. This compounds an already bad situation.

So what’s the answer to this problem? John Mogk, professor at Wayne State University Law School, suggests that property taxes on residential properties be abolished in Detroit to help remedy the downward spiral. With real estate property taxes being only 10% of the City’s budget, he believes the revenues can be made up elsewhere.

Interesting argument….. abolishing property taxes to help Detroit stabilize its population and rebuild its neighborhoods. What do you think?

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