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Graduations are upon us!

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Wednesday, 02 June 2010 by Advantax

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How many of you will be attending graduation parties this month?  Over the next two weekends my family has a multitude of graduation parties to attend, not to mention all the parties we missed last weekend because we were out of town.  Of course, this volume of parties (and the volume of our budget for gifts) is greatly influenced by the fact that our own son is graduating from high school this Sunday.  As a parent, I feel a mix of emotions watching my son graduate.  I’m amazed and a little sad) at how fast time has flown, and at the same time extremely excited for the future.

What makes graduation so special?  So special, in fact, that we will exhaust ourselves this weekend to get to as many as possible?  Graduations give us the opportunity to acknowledge past achievements, but even more, they provide an opportunity to anticipate things to come.  We celebrate the fact that a young person has stepped over the threshold and begun a new phase in the adventure of life!

Perhaps it’s time to acknowledge where you have been as a property tax department, and chart a course for the next phase in that life!  At the beginning of May, we began piloting the PropTax Assessment – a tool to help companies benchmark against best practices in the industry.  Almost 40 companies have taken the assessment in the first few weeks.  Here’s some of the feedback we have received:  “It’s comprehensive”, “The questions are straightforward”, “I’m very interested to see how we measure up”.

We will be piloting this assessment over the next couple of months.  After July 31st we’ll begin providing individual reports to participating companies so they can see how they measure up.  In June, we’ll be presenting preliminary findings at the IPT Conference.  If you would like to participate in this assessment, send our team an email.

It’s our goal at Advantax to demystify property taxes and the PropTax Assessment is a tool we offer to reach this goal.  The PropTax Assessment may just facilitate your graduation to the next level in your property tax process.