Property Tax Compliance

At Advantax, we have the experience and expertise to help manage your company’s property tax compliance function.

Our professionals are prepared to assist you with all aspects of the compliance process, from jurisdictional research to tax bill processing and all steps in between. Our compliance team follows the best practices of the PropTax Cycle and we guarantee that your returns will be filed timely and accurately.

It starts with open communication with our customers to ensure that our solutions align with where you want to go. The better we understand your business, the better we can ensure that you are only paying your fair share of taxes. We thoroughly review your data to verify that all assets are being properly classified and depreciated according to the statutes of the thousands of jurisdictions across the country. We review your assessments to make sure that the jurisdiction has accepted the rendered fair market value and resolve any discrepancies on your behalf. Additional services like paying tax bills, providing tax estimates and other custom reports are all available and makes Advantax feel like your “Office Next Door”.

Let us show you the level of understanding and increased decision making ability that comes with having all returns and supporting documentation available in real time, standard and customized accompanying reports available for all states and all deadlines, thorough property tax assessment review to ensure that our proposed value is accepted, and if not we are reviewing to save you tax dollars.

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Industries We Currently Serve: Banking and Finance, Industrial/Chemical, Food & Beverage, Healthcare, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Leasing, Medical, Retail, Transportation