Toothaches, Texas and Property Taxes

Ever had a toothache?  It’s painful and annoying!  I am currently having one… probably a filling from my childhood that needs to be replaced.  Going to the dentist to get it fixed is a low priority, not my favorite way to spend time (sorry Dr. Bill).  However, it always feels better after I go. Conducting … Continued

Ask Advantax

At Ask Advantax, we do our best to answer all of your property tax questions. Here are questions we recently answered about compliance– perhaps the answers are helpful to you: Q: What are the benefits of outsourcing your property tax compliance and consulting? A: There are A LOT of reasons why a property tax outsource … Continued

Advantax Celebrates 20 Years – Red Dog Fridays

In looking back at the 20 year history of Advantax, those first five years really bring a smile to my face.  Taking an idea and bringing it to life. Positively impacting an industry and the customers in it. Learning on the fly.  Long hours.  Loving every minute of it (to quote Def Lepard who was … Continued

Cost still doesn’t equal value.

Advantax helps save regional distributor over $50,000 in real property assessment   THE CHALLENGE Advantax reviewed the real estate value for a new distribution warehouse in the Midwest, and then submitted the findings to the assessment authority who insisted the value of the property should be valued closer to its cost. THE SOLUTION Advantax prepared … Continued

Advantax helps cement relationship with assessor.

Advantax identifies excessive historic costs and economic and functional obsolescence issues, saving a cement manufacturer over $300,000   THE CHALLENGE The taxpayer operates an integrated cement manufacturing facility in Alabama that was exempt for 10 years. The company was concerned about the initial assessment after the abatement period expired. THE SOLUTION Advantax professionals conducted a … Continued

Advantax knows the importance of a balanced diet.

Advantax saves food manufacturer over $1 million through litigation support services   THE CHALLENGE A food manufacturer needed help appealing an assessment in court. The assessor had obtained an appraisal and our clients were in the process of retaining our appraisal on their behalf. THE SOLUTION The Advantax litigation support team assisted in interrogatory cross-examination … Continued

Advantax packs a punch.

Advantax helps streamline property accounting records for packaging company, saving over $1.5 million   THE CHALLENGE The national packaging company faced significant tax liabilities at its Indiana property. THE SOLUTION Advantax spent several days on-site, touring the facility, reviewing all assets and meeting with engineers from each of the major departments. In the process, Advantax … Continued

Strong as steel, yet obsolete.

Advantax identifies functional and economic obsolescence issues for a steel manufacturing facility, saving company over $600,000   THE CHALLENGE The West Virginia steel manufacturing facility under appeal was an integrated steel mill, facing functional and economic obsolescence issues, including excess operation costs and decreased production demand. THE SOLUTION During the valuation and appeal process, Advantax … Continued

Advantax uses ‘Get out of jail free’ card.

Advantax identifies tax-exempt status of global leader in the correctional facility service industry   THE CHALLENGE This international for-profit corporation engaged Advantax to provide expertise in exploring potential real property tax savings opportunities. THE SOLUTION During the due diligence process, Advantax determined that in the prior year, the company transferred ownership of the real property … Continued