Real Property Consulting

In the world of real property, bricks and mortar are important to the longevity of a building – but not nearly as important as a solid foundation.

For more than 25 years, Advantax has been managing its clients’ real property. In that time we’ve developed a keen understanding of local markets and the complexities of valuation concepts, and in doing so have laid a solid foundation for our clients’ success.

Every taxpayer has the right to appeal an assessment, and there are several reasons for doing so: for example, your jurisdiction’s assessment may exceed market value — or perhaps an unresolved statutory issue is in play. Or maybe the appeal is related to one of several other factors: a clerical/factual error, physical, functional and/or external changes at the facility, illegal taxation, or a lack of uniformity with similar taxpayers. In all of these instances, Advantax can help ensure a fair assessment of your real property. The steps we take include:

  • Assessment review
  • Appeals and negotiations
  • Property tax cost segregation studies
  • Abatement/Exemption implementation
  • Site selection and expansion planning


Industries We Currently Serve:

Manufacturing, Retail, Leasing, Medical Leasing, Facilities Services, Grocery, Insurance, Technology, Packaging, Veterinary Medicine, Energy, Logistics, Banking and Finance, Industrial/Chemical, Food & Beverage, Healthcare, Hospitality


“The Advantax team and my staff work together as if they have been doing it for years. The thing that puts Advantax over the top is their responsiveness and level of customer service. Most tax firms look to get the job done, Advantax looks to do that and much more.”
– Indirect Tax Manager
“Advantax is a terrific company with many team members that I am very fond of. They have done a phenomenal job with our compliance. More importantly, they have helped us by saving a substantial amount of tax by the proactive work they do with assessors to get favorable valuations. Over the last several years their service fee has been more than paid for by the savings they have achieved. There are many bigger property tax firms out there, but none better in my opinion”
– Director, Indirect Tax
“Advantax is the only company I’ve found that aren’t afraid to take on the hard projects.”
– Property Tax Supervisor
“Advantax is the premier company in America to work with for Property Taxes.  If you’re planning to outsource, there is no doubt that you need to take a good hard look at Advantax. They bring a rare combination of tax knowledge and process efficiency, something every tax department could benefit from.”
– Vice President of Finance, Accounting


You value your real property – so does Advantax. Contact Advantax today to learn more about our Real Property Consulting services.