Ordering the Temporary Suspension of Certain Statutes Concerning Taxpayer Filing Requirements for Certain Taxable Property due to the Presence of COVID-19

A. I temporarily suspend the calendar year 2020 deadlines in the following statutes related to certain taxable property statements and schedules. I also direct State Board of Equalization to promulgate and issue emergency rules to extend the filing deadlines listed in the following statutes from April 15, 2020 to June 15,

1. Business personal property, C.R.S. §§ 39-5-108 and 39-5-116(1);

The deadline for filing all MD personal property returns has been automatically extended until July 15th, 2020. Please follow this link for more information.

*Property Tax Calendar Foot Notes by State

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Personal Property Tax:

  • Assessment Date: July 1
  • Return Due Date: July 31
  • Extension: 3 months
  • Taxability of Inventory: Exempt
  • Appeal Date: April 1
Real Property Tax:

  • Assessment Date: January 1
  • Appeal Date: April 1