Advantax’s goal is to fully understand the specific needs of each of our clients – needs that are ever evolving and rapidly changing. To achieve this goal, we utilize the best technologies in the industry, providing us the ability to accommodate specific business demands and build a customized, first-class solution to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Reporting and transparency are the primary focus of Advantax’s client driven experience. The implementation of the systems outlined below and execution of a best-in-class compliance process ensure we deliver the most comprehensive and accurate view of your portfolio, real-time performance, and annual filing obligations

The mastery of this technology allows your management team to shine and allows your outsource to be efficient and effective.


Property Tax Compliance Software

PTMS is the best property tax software on the market for processing both high volume and complex compliance returns – increasing communication and transparency. PTMS’s suite of reporting functionality provides our customers with the most comprehensive data analysis on the market.


Real Estate Management Software

By partnering with AppealTrack, Advantax is able to provide our volume customers with timely, accurate data regarding their real property tax appeals. Advantax customers will have access to their real property appeal data 24/7, to find the status of outstanding appeals, forms, tax rates, filing deadlines, and other important information.

Advantax has been a close partner with TCI & Appeal Track for many years. Check out this link on the concepts of differeniating between real and personal property!



Cloud Based Platform for Content Collaboration

Access Advantax is our 24/7 secure customer portal available and widely used by all of Advantax’s customers. With real time drag & drop updates to your customized folders, Access Advantax ensures that all data, information, and back end reporting timetables are met with instant clarity and visibility. SOX, GxP, HIPAA, GLBA, GDPR and CCPA compliant.


Tax Payment Management Services

While Advantax utilizes it’s own tax payment management & reporting package for the majority of our clients, Advantax also offers the option for the use of Anybill for those clients who have been on the platform and would like to continue to utilize it as a resource.


Intelligent Mail Systems

Advantax uses Intelligent Mail® Barcode to track your property tax returns ensuring 100% timely filing at a fraction of the cost of certified mail. The Intelligent Mail (IM) barcode is intended to provide greater information and functionality. Parcels with the Intelligent Mail Package Barcode ship more efficiently, as the Postal Service can use automated equipment to sort and track packages.