At Advantax, we think differently about helping our customers manage their property tax issues. While others will sell you “one-size” services you don’t need, and create ongoing consulting dependency, we are dedicated to helping customers better manage the increasing complexity of property taxes.

An innovative new idea was born.

From this simple idea came the development of the most comprehensive set of best practices for property tax management.

What is the PropTax Assessment?

This free tool will help identify areas of strengths and weaknesses within your current property tax process and benchmark your company against others in the industry.

What is involved in taking the assessment?

The PropTax Assessment takes about 15 minutes to complete and no preparation is necessary. And, when multiple members of the same department take the PropTax Assessment, the results can highlight areas of alignment and disconnect within the team.

How does this help?

One of the outputs of the PropTax Assessment is a customized report that analyzes your company’s performance, in each step of the PropTax Cycle, against industry averages. There are also recommendations of focus within each of these steps.

How do I schedule your PropTax Cycle assessment?

To participate in the PropTax Assessment, click here to email us. We will get back to you right away with a specialized link and password for your assessment.

What do you have to lose?

The PropTax Assessment, just another way that Advantax is demystifying property taxes and helping organizations across the country.