Property Tax Compliance is evolving, are you?

We believe that there are many ways to provide property tax compliance and property tax consulting services but there is only one Advantax way.  While filing property returns timely and accurately may be good enough for some, it is simply the first step in Advantax’s compliance process.  Let us show you the level of understanding and increased decision making ability that comes with having all returns and supporting documentation available in real time, standard and customized accompanying reports available for all states and all deadlines, thorough property tax assessment review to ensure that our proposed value is accepted, and if not we are reviewing to save you tax dollars. 

We provide an old fashioned property tax bill review, approval and payment process done by actual people (not a semi-accurate software) in the U.S of A.  Want to stop cutting checks for all of the bills you’re receiving?  Our tax bill payment funding and check cutting process is the best in the industry – let us build a process that fits your exact needs.

Not happy when one of your assessments or tax bills is higher than expected?  Neither are we and we’ll prove it by fighting it back to the level you expected – and maybe even further.  Same goes for your real estate values.  Advantax approaches each year with a fresh look to see exactly what’s happening in your market.  Don’t be lulled to sleep by an assessor keeping a value flat from last year – just because your value didn’t increase does not make it right.  We never settle for the status quo.

Tax estimates and accruals a pain? We have you covered here as well.  Don’t end up with a major increase in your accrual in the 4thquarter this year – let Advantax get it right from the beginning.  Trust us, this will save you a lot of headaches.

 All of this information is available to you 24/7 via Access Advantax, our extremely user-friendly customer portal.  Want to check it out?  We’ll set you up an account so you can see for yourself.   

Property tax compliance is fun again when you’re with Advantax.  Come on over and check us out.