Toothaches, Texas and Property Taxes

Ever had a toothache?  It’s painful and annoying!  I am currently having one… probably a filling from my childhood that needs to be replaced.  Going to the dentist to get it fixed is a low priority, not my favorite way to spend time (sorry Dr. Bill).  However, it always feels better after I go. Conducting … Continued

Ask Advantax

At Ask Advantax, we do our best to answer all of your property tax questions. Here are questions we recently answered about compliance– perhaps the answers are helpful to you: Q: What are the benefits of outsourcing your property tax compliance and consulting? A: There are A LOT of reasons why a property tax outsource … Continued

Advantax Celebrates 20 Years – Red Dog Fridays

In looking back at the 20 year history of Advantax, those first five years really bring a smile to my face.  Taking an idea and bringing it to life. Positively impacting an industry and the customers in it. Learning on the fly.  Long hours.  Loving every minute of it (to quote Def Lepard who was … Continued

2017 PropTax Calendar

It’s a new year and you know what that means…that’s right a new PropTax Calendar! The 2017 PropTax Calendar is out and available. Are you currently looking at dates related to property taxes? Assessment dates; return due dates: appeal dates? All good to know if you’re working in the property tax industry. Advantax can make that part … Continued

Where in the World are the PropTax Monkeys?? India!

We are sending the PropTax Monkeys packing. Well at least exploring the globe for interesting property tax facts. Join us as we embark on a great journey and discover “Where in the World are the PropTax Monkeys?” This month they are visiting the Taj Mahal and enjoying the incredible food that India has to offer. … Continued

Still Taxing Sheep and Goats of Breeding Age

It’s “throwback” Friday, which means bringing back a favorite PropTax Minute video. This one highlights Property Tax on Sheep. Oddly, West Virginia still taxes the “Sheep and Goats of Breeding Age”. This causes us to wonder, how many sheep and goats of breeding age live in West Virginia? And, who audits that kind of thing? Enjoy. … Continued

Will Property Taxes Save Chicago from the Pension Monster?

Will property taxes save Chicago from the pension monster? According to the Huffington Post, Chicago has over $34 billion in pension debt. The Chicago Public Schools has $9.6 billion in pension debt with less than 50% of the funds necessary to pay out benefits. The police pension has $6.9 billion in pension debt with less … Continued

Unclaimed Lotteries and Property Tax Refunds

It’s always shocking to me that lottery winnings go unclaimed! Who buys these tickets and then forgets to claim them after they win? And, we’re not talking small amounts. There is a $1 million lottery ticket sold in Streamwood, IL in February that is currently unclaimed. And million dollar unclaimed lottery tickets are not uncommon. … Continued

“Learn to Love the Property Tax – It’s Not So Bad”

Property tax may be the most hated tax in the United States, but this article by Forbes encourages us to “Learn to Love the Property Tax – It’s Not So Bad”. It’s a quick read and probably worth a few minutes of your time. Let me know what you think.